Expert pet care, when you need it the most.

Your pet's health shouldn't wait, that's why VirtuVets connects you instantly with a certified Vetrenarian on demand, anywhere, anytime.

About Us

We'are here for you, so you can be there for your pet.

VirtuVets is a Dubai-based start-up launched in 2021 with one simple vision: to ensure that pet parents can get the expert pet care they need when they need it most.

Before COVID-19 changed everything, pet owners had few options outside a traditional trip to the vet. But since the governments lifted its requirement on in-person veterinary examinations for fear of spreading the virus, pet telemedicine has boomed.

Veterinary care can be a huge headache, logistically. Long car rides with stressed animals and anxiety-producing office visits can cause many pet parents to fall back on “Dr. Google” to avoid the trip altogether.

Another issue is skipping vet appointments for preventative care due to cost and inconvenience.

The result is often delayed care, pricey and unnecessary emergency visits and poor clinical outcomes.

That where our VirtuVets partners come in! We offer certified pet care when you need it most, from the comfort of your couch.

Taking your dog or cat to the vet for something simple like a look at their paw can be time-consuming, costly and cause anxiety for your pet. Now, virtual vet visits are making the process much easier.

We offer 24-Hour Virtual Veterinary Care that connects pet parents instantly with a licensed veterinarian on a video call.

Instead of a 2 a.m. Google search to figure out why Fluffy is throwing up, pet owners can chat live with a veterinarian in a few easy clicks, pay a small fee and get a free chat follow up up to 2 weeks after the initial consultation.

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