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Frequently asked questions

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Here’s everything you need to know about using the VirtuVets service.

How much is the VirtuVets consultation?

We have a standard flat rate fee of $39.99 USD, which includes a video or voice call and a free follow up after 1 week of the consult. We offer discounts to our pet parents on our social media pages so make sure you follow us to always stay up to date on any new coupon codes available.

How long does the VirtuVets video or voice call last?

Our vets will work with you until all your questions are answered. This could be for 5 minutes or 5 hours. It depends on your case and our vets make sure they are available to answer all your questions and alleviate all your concerns.

What animals do your vets specialize in treating?

Our vets deal with all kinds of animal species, especially domesticated animals like: cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, fish, snakes and other reptiles and even camels and horses!

Can I schedule a consultation if it’s not an urgent case?

Yes, you can book a consultation with your preferred vet at specific times that works for both you and your vet.

Are your vets licensed?

Yes, we take your pet health seriously and we ensure that all our VirtuVets partners are rigorously vetted and are able to give you the best pet care advice possible. We make sure all vets have at least 10 years+ of medical practice and are licensed in their country of residence.

Are your vets available immediately for emergencies?

Yes, our vets will be notified when they receive your details and will accept the video or voice call as soon as possible. Please allow 5 – 10 minute of wait time, however we know this could be an emergency so we always strive to connect you to a vet sooner than that.

Are VirtuVets partner veterinarians allowed to issue prescription medicine when needed?

No, our vets will not be able to prescribe medicine, however, they can advise you on how to take medications and other related medication questions.

Will I be able to follow up after the consultation is over?

Yes, part of the payment includes a free follow up by text with your concerned vet up to 1 week after your consultation.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, please visit the Refund Policy page to learn all about how we process refunds. If you are not connected to a vet with 10 minutes of your request, the amount is immediately refunded to your card.

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