Expert pet care, when you need it the most.

Your pet's health shouldn't wait, that's why VirtuVets connects you instantly with a certified Veterinarian on demand, anywhere, anytime.

Considering joining VirtuVets?

Here are a few reasons why you should.

Be there for pet parents when they can’t be there with you

Give pet parents from around the globe what they want, which is convenience and peace of mind, when and where they need it. Our platform is so simple if someone can use a mobile, they can use VirtuVets - it’s that easy.

Turn your laptop into a vet clinic and set your own hours

VirtuVets allows you to earn with every consultation and gives you the opportunity to fill your schedule when needed. It also allows you to help pet parents from around the world, not just your city.

Future-proof your practice

Leveraging telemedicine is the best way to streamline your day, provide convenient access to medical advice for clients, and reduce animal fear, anxiety, and stress. For a large portion of consultations, it is appropriate to use telemedicine as

A hassle - free, intuitive solution

No app to download, no software to install, for you or the pet parent. Our web app can be used on mobile, tablet or laptop with a standard web browser.

We created VirtuVets with the utmost simplicity and intuition, allowing you and your team to use it by the first time you access it.

If your patients can use a mobile, they can use VirtuVets - it’s that simple.

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