Crystal L

  • April 21, 2021
  • VirtuVets
Very knowledgeable and resourceful! Thank you so much for your assistance! I’m so happy my friend recommended this service!

Abdulla J

  • April 20, 2021
  • VirtuVets
This service is a great website to use, especially when emergency vets are so far away from us. I wish I had known about it sooner. It is also...

Salma S

  • April 19, 2021
  • VirtuVets
VirtuVets is a game changer-especially with COVID. I almost never go into the doctor’s office now.

Andrew K

  • April 18, 2021
  • VirtuVets
Very happy with the help I got from a vet for my dog, She ate something not meant for dogs. Induced vomiting and she was fine!